Every year in Nigeria, elaborate and flambouyant ceremonies are organised where various types of awards are presented to deserving Nigerians, and foreigners, the award types being as varied as the entities who award them.

This is the website dedicated to immortalising those hardworking achievers who have been honoured yesterday, who are being honoured today, and who will be honoured tomorrow with these awards.

The Nigerian National Merit Award, organised within the framework of the Nigerian National Order of Merit, is the mother of them all. Established in 1979 and given by the country's Federal Government, it honours Nigerians at home and abroad who have made outstanding intellectual and academic attainments and contributions to the general development of Nigeria. At the Federal level, there is also the National Honours, completely different from the National Merit Award. There are also State Awards given yearly by almost all the 36 States of Nigeria. Then there are many other awards instituted by private organisations like newspaper and magazine houses, The awards are so many, and new ones are announced almost every year. Some of the Nigerian Awards are as follows:

-The Nigerian National Merit Award
-The Nigerian National Honours Awards
-This Day Merit Awards
-The Nigeria Fashion and Beauty Awards
-The Nigerians In Diaspora Organization (NIDO) Achievement Awards.
-The Community Development Awards.
-The Red Ribbon Awards (Journalists Against AIDS)
-The Sound City Music Video Awards etc, etc, etc.

If anyone has ever won any Award in Nigeria, whether he or she is a Nigerian or not, this is the only place in the World Wide Web to keep the Award(s): plaque(s), picture(s), citation(s) etc, for posterity to see and appreciate. In the home or in a bank vault, only a few people with access can see them. In the pages of newspapers and magazines, they last but a few days or weeks, but on the Internet, the Award(s) are visible to seven billion human beings to see, and could be there for hundreds of years after the Awardees are long gone, so that the world might never forget them and their gigantic indellible prints in the sands of time.

This website is the repository and custodian of those prints. We are gradually populating the Hall of Fame and, soon, it will be full of noteworthy Nigerians who have made noteworthy achievements and have been accordingly rewarded by society in the form of deserving awards, of which this website is the showcase. Please proceed to The Hall and have a look at the Who's Who therein, and take the wise step of becoming one of them.

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Immortalising Award Winners in Nigeria! If you have ever won an Award in Nigeria, you belong here.